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Potential Broody Duck/Hatching?!

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Hello! I was hoping someone can give me some advice/help!
I have been keeping Indian Runner ducks for just shy of a year, and have two ladies, one is about 3 years and one 2 years old. The eldest stopped laying last week, started sitting on the nesting box more and more, and had to be shooed off, despite there not being any eggs in it as we had taken them away. We know she has sat eggs before, but have had her less than a year so haven't experienced this time of year with her before.
Anyway, since after a week she was still showing signs of what I thought was broodiness, I decided to go ahead and order some hatching eggs (we don't have a drake) and give natural hatching a go. Typically, as soon as I placed the order for the eggs last night, today she has got off her empty nest and is back out in the garden, though still hasn't laid!
Has anyone had any experience of this before, or have any tips on getting her back on the nest? I've put 4 dummy eggs in today and have not collected the younger hens egg from today.
The fertile eggs are due to arrive mid next week, so i'm hoping by then she will have gathered a clutch and will be broody enough to sit them. Am I being a bit unrealistic? If so, does anyone know of anywhere in the Otley area I could borrow an incubator from?
Many thanks!
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