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Better than Fox Watch?

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From the BBC website... By the way if your thinking of using Alpacas to gaurd your chooks it may be worth a look at the article you need a big garden!





Two alpacas offer hen protection


William and Harry patrol their patch at a Cornish farm

A farm in West Cornwall has recruited two unusual security guards to protect its hens from harm.

Tremayne Farm, near Camborne, has taken on two Peruvian alpacas - named William and Harry - to keep predators away.


Farm manager Giles Greenhough said: "Because of the alpacas' nature, they'll take up the role of becoming guardians of the flock."


Farm director Lisa Rowe added: "Alpacas are used extensively in Australia and New Zealand to safeguard sheep."


She added: "We know that happy hens lay the tastiest eggs and for that reason, we recruited the alpacas."

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At Leeds Castle last week, we met a Seriema. It's a South American bird which chicken farmers are using because its alarm call is extremely loud and it can run very fast. Funny thing she was, called Darlene, and we all wanted to take her home! :D

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