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Chicken laying on coop floor..then eggs being eaten!

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I’m currently having problems with my 24 week old Amber Star, Freya. She has been laying a combination of hard, and soft shelled eggs.

She ALWAYS lays her eggs on the floor of the coop, even on concrete or grass and makes no attempt whatsoever to go up into the eglu go up nest box (which contains 2 fake eggs) like the other 2 chickies I have.

My other chicken Saffy whose an Arancuana hybrid has now developed a taste for her eggs that aren’t in a nest box…so I’m losing eggs. And yet Saffy will not eat her own!

I even made another nest at the bottom of the coop with 2 more fake eggs in and still she doesn’t make the connection and use that! I would just like her to be able to use ANY nest. I’m worried my chicken is somewhat slow and just doesn’t have any proper laying instincts, if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Hannah

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Maybe she’s low in the pecking order and not “allowed” to lay in your Go Up. 

Fake eggs do nothing whatsoever. They are only used to get broodies ready to brood before they are given eggs or make them brood in a certain place.

If she’s laying softies, they can feel poorly and might not feel like moving much and getting themselves up to the coop.

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