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Tail droop, egg o’clock and sleeping in the nest box

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So Martie has had a downward turn to the end of her tail for the last few days. She isn’t fully drooping, or penguin waddling and I can’t find anything wrong with her. I’ve had a little feel if her tummy and of her crop and it all seems fine. And she is still her usual cheeky self and eating, drinking, swearing etc as normal. Could she just be wearing her tail at a new jaunty angle? I’ve put a pic below, she’s the buff laced girlie.... I’ve also put a pic of them all attacking my sweet peas (before I fenced them) and Natalie sunbathing. 

....This brings me on to my next question. I had sort of wondered if it was to do with her coming into lay. Their combs and wattles have grown and reddened up a bit. But there are still a couple of feather sheaths on the back of their heads and necks so it feels too early. They are about 19/20 weeks old. When should I start checking?

And finally, because I thought they might be then I put sawdust in the nest box. So now Emily thinks this is her bed! I’ve tried a half brick in there tonight. Is that a good way to stop her sleeping in it 🙈 Does it matter if she does? Would she stop when they started laying? 

They have definitely grown lots and are brave enough to eat out of my hand as long as it’s near the ground. They are great fun little girls. 





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I’m so jealous of your multi coloured gang - they’re so pretty 😍

Looking at her in the middle photo I’d say that’s just how Wyandotte’s are. They have more of a rounded bustle than a normal chicken pokey up tail. Especially if she seems otherwise happy. Keep an eye though.

It’s better if they don’t sleep in the nestbox - just because any mites are more likely to be a problem that way and you'll get poo in there. If she starts now, no she probably won’t stop when she comes into lay. It’s. It the end of the world, just better for it not to happen.

19/20 weeks would be quite early for pure breeds but not totally surprising. 

PS - Love a sunbathing chook - my Wyandotte’s are total sun worshippers too

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Oh that’s reassuring that it’s hopefully ok! I love the phrase “rounded bustle” 🤣

I did think 19/20 weeks was a bit early. But was wondering if it explained anything. Plus I had read somewhere 18-22 weeks. Not in a rush, just want to make sure they are ok.

They are refusing to go in tonight as the nest box brick is too scary 🙈

Do love the little chook personalities! 

Thanks mullethunter 🥰

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