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Help with integrating new hens

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I’m looking for some advice regarding the introduction of new hens with existing birds. 


We have 2 hybrid hens who have enjoyed a whole Eglu Cube and large indoor run to themselves for 3 years. This spring we’ve brought 3 new hybrid hens and given them the Eglu Cube and Run. The old hens we housed nearby in a separate house and run in the beginning for health reasons while our new birds settle in although they were all able to see and talk to each other. 


About 1 month later we started the process of mixing them together, which we began to do late afternoons and early evenings. We expected some fighting while they all find their position in the flock. However all we seem to see is the same behaviour. The old hens are mixed with the new girls and immediately chase the new hens onto a high perch where the old hens stay below and circle like sharks. If anyone is brave enough to come down, they are chased back up. When it’s bed time, the old hens either patrol the bottom of the house and stop anyone entering, or go to bed and peck the new hens until they leave the house. 


I recognise this process will take time but am I doing anything wrong? Does anyone have any advice that could help? 


Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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My last introduction was very difficult.

I had old girls and the new, younger girls to mix but it didn't turn out as I expected, in fact, it was the new ones that terrorised my original girls.

It took a long time for things to settle down but even later my 2 older ones were still petrified of the younger girls and mostly stayed out of their way.

I hope things have got easier for you and your girls.

I think time is what it needs and perhaps some treats, although mine at the time, couldn't share those nicely either.

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