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Water - treats and porridge!!!

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Hi I'm v.new to all this having only had my girls for 3 weeks, but they dont seem to drink much water. :( The books all rekon that they need much more than mine seem to drink in a day!!

Also they dont seem interested in pasta or rice (cooked) or the porridge I made them to warm them up......... only corn and grapes... but not raisins??!! Should I keep trying them ...I imagine that they didnt get many treats before I got them so maybe they just need to get used to them??


What do you think?


sorry for all the questions........ :roll::oops:

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Snap, I've had mine 3 weeks too! :D


I'm the same, my 3 don't drink nearly as much as I had read they would. I end up throwing away half a glug every morning (annoying as I put apple cider vinegar in it!) Maybe it's the time of year.


Re treats, my girls will eat almost everything I've tried so far - corn, raisins, pasta, grapes, cucumber, strawberry tops, oatmeal, sweetcorn, tuna and especially mealworms (I get knocked down in the rush for them :lol: ).


I keep any cooked pasta in water till I give it to them (then chop it small). I also add a spoonful of garlic powder to anything they get (seems to work - there's very little smell in the run or eglu).


Sorry, this isn't really helping you. I suppose you should just persevere & keep trying new things till you find something they really like - try sprinkling mealworms on anything, that might work!


BTW, I like your avatar! Haven't seen that one before!

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agree, mine didn't seem to eat or drink much until they began to lay - now they just hoover it up!


They are probably not so bothered about treats because they are young and not eating so much - when they start eating more, I bet they will begin to appreciate the pasta and other things. Mine go mad for cooked potato peelings!

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