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Eglu Cube Mk2 nesting area divider

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My plan is to purchase an Eglu Mk2.  I'm probably now considering question 100 when I'm still working on issue number 5! 

Inside the Mk2 model, the nesting area is separated with a panel with a sliding door. From what I can see, this differs to a previous model, where the area was open.

What's your experience with this panel and door or a cube that is not segregated inside?

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As per my other post I don't have experience of a Mk2 cube, but the Mk1 cube did have a divding wall, with a large hole in it so the hens could get in and out the nestbox. I used to take the wall out as my very large hens preferred to just step into the nesting box, added to which it was a bit of a hiding place for red mite, under the wall.  The downside is that some birds would then roost in the nesting box which isn't ideal (poo in the nesting material), but overcome by putting flower pots or similar in there at night if it becomes a real problem.

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When we first started we used to open and close the door to avoid the hens sleeping in there and we thought it would establish the right behaviour before adding an automatic door to the front. However, the hens just sleep in there anyway which leads to us having to change the bedding more frequently. Since we have an automatic door the benefits of not getting up so early would be wasted if we had to open the internal door so we just carry on. The ladies do pefer to lay behind the wall furtherest away from the coop door so it adds that privacy element. Also it is one extra step in cleaning. My opinion is it is pointless is you wish to make use of an automatic door but if you plan to manually open the coop in the mornings anyway, it keeps your bedding clean a lot longer.

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