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After 3 years, Molly is a first time broody.

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Molly has never been broody in her life - until now.

I find it strange that it has taken her 3 years to get her mothering instinct.

She has been squawking a lot recently and she also shouts which is not that pleasant.

I just put it down to being a bit grumpy and having to share the egg box.

Yesterday she did lay an egg which she promptly started to incubate which I took away.

Today she was out and about but twice she has disappeared off to hatch the Aubiose. She also growled at Gemma and shook her tail feathers at her so I knew she had the tell tale signs.

It's a shame because Gemma only came out of the broody cage earlier today and Molly took her place.

I think they have been sharing tips on being broody 🙄 

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