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Worrying chicken behaviour

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I have four silkies, which I bought as pullets 15 months ago.  After some initial bickering they settled into a pecking order with the red one very clearly the boss.  Until now they have all lived together with no drama.  Last week I started to notice a lot of feathers in and around the run.  I then noticed that one of the chickens was attacking the red chicken who used to be the boss, to the extent that she was clearly scared.  After a couple of days it all settled down and the aggressive chicken now seemed to be the boss, but there were still a lot of feathers around.  Today I noticed that the new boss has a bald patch on her chest and has lost feathers elsewhere (although she still seems to be in charge).  What's going on?  Is she moulting and that caused the aggressive behaviour or is it something else?  She seems to be (gently) pecking feathers from the others now and they are all grooming themselves a lot.   A couple of weeks ago I bought three new chickens and put them in a separate run.  Could this have caused problems?

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