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My chicken just laid 2 no shell eggs within 15 minutes, is she sick?!

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I just checked on my 4 chickens, 1 of them looked very puffed up and uncomfortable while the other 3 seemed perfectly fine. I watched her for a few minutes and she laid a soft shell egg, tho she still seemed uncomfortable she started walking around slowly. I watched for another maybe 5 or 10 minutes and she laid another no shell egg!  
She seemed to brighten up a little bit after this and ate and drank a little but is still not quite normal. She would not let me touch her to feel her crop but it was visibly full.

These chickens have all only been laying for about a month and everything has been fine, there were 4 normal eggs in the nesting box this morning. My partner checked in on them throughout the day and she has been fine. 

Does anyone know what could cause a chicken to lay 2 no shell eggs in such quick succession? Should I take her to the vet?

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