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White 'deposit' below vent

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Bossie (ex-bat) had grown all her fluffy feathers back, but I noticed a few days ago some were missing - an area approx 2 inches diameter below her vent.

The area is covered in a thin layer of white 'stuff' - I washed it all off but its come back a day later. Originally thought it was droppings (as her vent has always leaked a little) - but it's too uniform (I think).

She otherwise seems absolutely fine.

Any ideas and what to do.

Thanks, H

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It could either be urate staining - so their 'wee' comes out as white stuff, which you normally see on the top of their poo. Or, if she is having egg tackle problems, then it could be some lubricant where she is trying to get an egg out.

Keep it clean to avoid fly strike and if it doesn't stop, I'd get her to a chicken-savvy vet.

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