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Natalie H

Trouble bonding with new guineas

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I would appreciate guidance please. We bought an Eglu hutch with a 1m run. We have just rehomed two 2 year old boars but we are struggling to bond with them and I feel like it’s partly due to the design of the hutch/run. We can’t persuade them to feed/be held...To pick them up straight from the run we have to reach in really far and they panic a lot, if we close the hutch door and open the back they also panic, even if we manage do get hold of them they just shudder, scratch and refuse to eat. If we leave them to run free in the garden they run off. We really want to bond but I can’t see a way of doing it with our current set up. Please help because we so want to bond, love and look after them and don’t want to concede and have to get a different hutch or have to give them up. It’s worth saying it’s only day 6 but I’m worried about it and would welcome help and advice please! 

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Cheapest solution I guess is to get one of those foldable pens and just sit in it with some treats for a while. Patience is your best bet, but it might take a good while. I get what your saying though. The runs makes it easy for them to hide and get away. 
Try feeding them at set times and just leave enough time in between for them to be hungry. A rumbling belly might make them a bit braver.

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