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Long time no speak

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Hello All - I've been very busy recently so haven't logged on for ages - there are way too many new postings for me to catch up with all of them so apologies in advance if I repeat threads or can't follow the plot all the time :roll:


For starters I don't know the story behind Kate's new superpants but she really is looking lovely :wink:


Hello to everyone -old and new members - and merry christmas!


I'm going to decorate the house today - now that is scary given that Buff and Others werer talking about doing their christmas decos when I was laast logged on - and that was weeks ago! :shock:

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Hi Red nice to see you and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too.............


The forum moved to a new server while you were away and Kate had lots of fun and games trying to sort it out, she also lost her avatar and found the green monster instead....... :lol: Gina added the frilly knickers and words to it.

Hope the decorations look good I still can't get the lights to work on the tree............. :lol:

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Hello Red :D . Great to see you back again! Nicola's explained the new look superpants perfectly and I'm glad you approve :wink: !


We're putting our trees up today too - you're not late, everyone else is early :lol::lol: ! Can't say I'm looking forward to the chaos that causes but it'll look pretty eventually when all the mess is cleared up!!


Hope all's well with you and yours and if you repeat any topics, don't worry! They could probably do with refreshing anyway!


Merry Christmas to you too :wink: !!!

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