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Nicola H

My lottery win

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I entered the Euro Millions Lottery on line yesterday for the first time, only had 3 lines but there was a promise of £35,000,000 to be won so I thought I would give it a shot...........After all I have had a major over spend this christmas.


When I logged in to my e-mail account I had a message from the Lottery site saying we have very exciting news about your winning ticket please sign in now and check your account.........My heart was pounding so hard I had to take several deep breaths....... :lol: It took what seemed like an age to get into my account to find out how much I had won..............


wait for it wait for it...................


The pricely sum of £6.80, oh well better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick ............. :lol: It may be enough to buy a bag of mixed corn for the girls Christmas present I am sure they will be very grateful.

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Well to stop all the fighting I have already spent it, sorry I know it didn't take me very long............And it didn't go on chicken food I used it to buy myself another lottery ticket for tonight........I know gambling is an addiction and I will probably lose it all but I just couldn't help myself, so fingers crossed everyone if I have a big win I may share it amongst friends on the forum................ :lol: And the chooks will get their corn it may even stretch to a bag of mealworm........Lovely on toast..... :lol:

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I don't know how you can be so self centred you money grabbing youngsters - is that all you can think about, Me Me Me.


If you had one ounce of compassion you would donate all those Eurowhatsits to help the aged.




I have three chickens, 40 fish - can't remember all their names except Hoover and Dyson, who vacuum up all the food and are the two hugest blackest carp in the pond world! One even older husband, flocks of wild birds, mice, (field) and many hangers on!


:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Silver begging bowl being brought out of the cupboard, and what was it they said to use to clean it with - just off to another thread to have look

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:lol: Oh no, if only Nicola hadn't spent it already...I would never have mentioned my soggy paper bag if I'd realised that you had over 40 fish to support... :cry::cry::cry:

Hold on, we have over 40 fish too! We only named 2, and Goldie, a koi carp died in the autumn...enormous! I carefully weighed her so I could report to LSH :roll: who was away for 3 weeks. She weighed something and a half pounds. :roll: I'd actually forgotten the number...it could have been 7lb...or 3...or 5. :?:roll::oops:

Casper is a ghost koi....must be lonely, if only I could afford a treat for him....about £6.80 would do.

OK, when Nicola wins tonight, shall we split it 4 ways, Kooringa? You, me, Kate and...er...Nicola? :wink:

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