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Keeping bunnies warm over winter

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Hi, I have an Eglu and run for my two bunnies. The bunnies have free run of the garden and don’t really use the Eglu to sleep in. Normally I just find poop inside.  Anyhow, it’s getting cold and now I’m worried they will get too cold just roaming outside in the garden.

what have others done to keep their bunnies warm in the winter? Currently the hutch and run is on the grass in the garden. 

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If your bunnies stay outside all year and have been doing so since summer, they’ll grow a warm and waterproof coat (provided they are short hairs and not a rex or angora). Do make sure they have plenty of dry places and wind free places to shelter in bad weather. Also make sure their hutch is dry and cleaned often if they also urinate in there.

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