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Chick Advice

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Hi, Hope someone can offer some helpful advice. All 5 of the eggs donated by our local city farm hatched out 5 weeks ago and our lovely white Pekin Capone has taken fabulous care of all of them in a converted rabbit hutch with run.


I have tried to let them free range with the others but Capone takes them straight into the eglu run and chases the others out, not letting them anywhere near. The others get very distressed and at bedtime it's hilarious trying to get Capone and chicks out so that the others can go to bed.


As we are keeping 1 or 2 of the chicks (the rest are bound for my cousin's farm) I am worried about them making friends with the others, and was wondering at what age the others can survive without mum and should be taken away from her.


Hope someone can help and that I'm not making a complete hash of posting, I'm a total novice.



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Hi ya!


Firstly - Welcome to the forum!! :wink:


I had to read your post a few times before I could actually understand what you were asking. It wasn't the way you phrased it - probably just too early in the morning for me to take stuff in...


I'm assuming this was the question: "was wondering at what age the others can survive without mum and should be taken away from her"


In which case technically your chicks can be taken away from the mum a any age. Many chicks are hatched in an incubator without a mum at all.


But if you remove the mum, they should be under a heat lamp until around 4-6 weeks of age (sometimes a little bit longer). - Usually what I do is put a bright bulb in the corner of a large cardboard box. Then the chicks can go under the bulb and move away when they want to cool off...


I hope this helps?

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