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Columbian Wyandottes

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We have four Columbian Wyandotte bantams, and very pretty they are too.  One has been moulting and her feathers are coming back cream rather than white, has anyone else had this happen.  I bought them earlier in the year at 8 months and they were the same clutch.  Unfortunately one was/is a feather-pecker and nothing has cured her.  At the moment, because they are all confined, the naughty one is in a separate part of the run and will remain there until they can be let out to free range again, or until the weather turns really, really cold and she would be better with the others overnight rather than a cat carrier with insulation taped around it.  I’ve rambled...my question was really about the cream-coloured feathers.

Wishing all a Happy and Healthy 2021.

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I know that moulted feathers are paler than the new ones, which is due to bleaching in the sun and that is very noticeable down here. So it may be that the cream feathers will become whiter in summer? Are they evenly cream or is it dust or staining from the run material because they are confined?

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Thank you, that’s interesting.  Two went through the moult and grew white feathers but this one is definitely cream.  It is not from the litter in the run.  I understood that the chicken were hatched at the beginning of the year so I’m not sure that they would change feather colour at this young age; or would they?  Or have I been sold birds which are older than stated?  Anyway, with the cold weather at least she is getting most of her feathers back.

The dynamics are interesting as, since the feather-pecker and bully has been removed, the pecking order has changed around.  Sadly the one at the bottom who was getting pecked most is still picked on by the others.  Sometimes the second-in-command stands at the top of the steps and stops her from going to bed at night.

For how long do you think that I might exclude the ‘naughty’ one?  She is in a part of the run shut off from the rest but able to see them and be next to them but separated by wire mesh.  Her part of the run is not very large but I hope is sufficient as it is 2m x 1m x 1m high (difficult to access).  The other three are in a run 3m x 2m x 2m with a Go up tunnel added.  I was thinking of keeping the pecker apart for the whole time that we have to keep them confined because of bird flu but perhaps this isn’t very kind.  I really don’t want to reintroduce her too early and have the feather pulling start again.  I’ve tried blinkers (they work but she starts again the minute they are removed) and a bumpa bit, which had the same effect.  I isolated her in a dog crate for 4 days and she started again when let out.  This is my last try before re-homing.  One gets so fond of them as they are such characters.


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