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Lulu Little Chicken

Broken egg inside chicken/egg bound

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I have a little chicken Lulu who is 10 months old.  She is the smallest hen and has a very crossed scissor beak and a wonky tail.  She is fed layers mash and seems to do quite well on it.  She is the loveliest little hen, full of personality.  She had never laid up until about a month ago and unfortunately she couldn't lay her first egg and ended up egg bound and at the vets and in the end they had to help her get it out.  We hoped it was a one off and that she would either be able to lay ok or not worry about laying at all, but unfortunately I spotted egg white coming out of her vent two days ago.  I have bathed her a couple of times and kept her in dark warm space to try and see if she will get on with laying but she won't.  She seems to dip a bit and then perk up.  She is still eating and i've popped her back out with the girls at the moment as she was quite perky this morning.  I'm not sure what to do as I don't want her to get an infection but the vets said that if she can't lay eggs herself it might be game over.  However i've just been looking at hormone implants Suprelorin and wondered if this was a possibility?  Has anyone got any advice?  Thanks Worried chicken mum   

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