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Fox Traps

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Hello all,

Well, Mr Fox has just been again and killed a couple more of my flock (FUMING), and I wondered if anybody knows of any good, humane fox traps? I don't want to kill it, I just want to release it elsewhere.

If I catch him, he's being driven to a woodland far away. I am not happy.



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I can only tell you what not to buy AndyRoo; a trap with a hook for the bait. We baited ours with one of the killed chickens and it was completely ignored. You need one with a treadle trip that goes off when stepped on and it will take a long time before it will enter it.

Must add that I think releasing caught foxes elsewhere is illegal, they have to be humanely destroyed?

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We have foxes visit us day and night every day. We only let our hens out when we are in the garden with them and, even then, it has been known for one to come over the fence. I understand your annoyance.

What you’re proposing to do is a ‘hard release’ if you catch your fox. This is covered by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and condemned by DEFRA and other groups. This is because you would be dumping an animal in an environment where it had no bearings and may not find food, water or may be in another animal’s territory. 

Some charities do release foxes but they do ‘soft releases’ whereby they ensure the animal orientates itself and care for it while it does so. I’m guessing you’re not up for that!

It is pointless to try and remove foxes anyway. It is extremely likely that another will simply take over the territory within days and then you are back to square one.

As Beantree said your best bet is to beef up your security and keep that fence on and checked.

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I'm aware of the regs around capture and release. I'd be up for having a welfare trust release the thing elsewhere. Although I'd also be equally happy to catapult the little git into the sun too, so I'm fine with either option.

The new run - once it's finally built - will be more secure, and we'll finally be able to put a fence up round the back of the garage which goes on to the industrial estate which I am sure it comes in from. When we do that, I'm going to put anti-cat spikes on the top of the thing... then I might put up some razor wire or something down either side of the garage. Or flood the place with lasers.

I hope the fluffy little, red sod realises this means war!!

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