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I am at a bit of a loss, I have two goldline and two Light Sussex, so be has not been laying proper eggs for weeks, they are either no shell or soft shell. Now it appears that she may be broody, v aggressive and will not leave the laying box, I have been taking her out but she just goes right back, not eating or drinking properly. Today I shut the hen house door so she has to stay in the run. My four chickens all sleep together and we don’t have the room to change that.

she doesn’t like it if the other hens want to lay when she is one there despite the fact that there are four laying boxes!

what do we do? I am worried that she is just going to not wake up one morning, I know that as soon as we shut them up for the night she will commandeer the laying box immediately as it is full of stinky poo in the morning!!

Hope somebody can help me, what is the best way to treat her, Is my idea of shutting her out a good or bad one?? The other three all lay at daybreak but she nabs that box and sits on or throws out all but one of the eggs!!! Please somebody help!! Would be so grateful

Many thanks



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