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Ex batts refuse to be caught and won’t climb ladder to eglu cube

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Help, we have rescued 4 ex batts today, put them in the eglu cube run and they’ve been quite content pecking about but it’s now bedtime and they’ve not gone into to cube, i think the ladder is too steep for them, we’ve tried everything to catch them and get them into the coop but they will not go the are crammed right in the back corner of the run and scream when we try and get them out, help we’re worried about them being out all night! 

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Hope you have sorted the problem by now! It might take new hens some time to figure out the ladder. You could add a log or perch next to the ladder to help them up. Some hens detest being touched. My Gerda is the same. She will scream bloody murder! If you want to catch them in future, dusk is a good time when they are just getting ready to sleep or sleeping already. Hope they calm down a bit for you!

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