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When can I put chicks on layers mash?

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My chicks are 8 weeks old now and were going through chick crumb like "Ooops, word censored!"odys business so I thought it was time for them to go onto layers mash - they are eating it but aren't eating nearly so much of it as they were the chick crumb....is this because it is so much more substatial or are they just not ready/don't like it???



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My 7 week old chicks have had mixed chick crumb and growers pellets for the last week and today went on to growers only. They will stay on growers until about 12 weeks. Some feed growers until 16-18 weeks or even until the 1st egg but I stop when I introduce them to the big girls.


I've read that in remote areas where it is sometimes hard to get supplies of all the different feeds that chicks are fed on ground up growers or mash, and older chicks being fed on layers mash or pellets - I don't think it does them any harm at all.

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