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Reasons NOT to get an Omlet WIR?

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I am considering the omlet WIR, but given the price have some niggling doubts....I currently have a run made of fence posts but needs some adjustments so am debating whether to modify this or splurge:

- why does it not have a pitched roof? Will plastic tarp not just fill with water? I have metal tunnel runs which I put tarp over and in heavy rain ( Which seems to be all the time) the tarp has to be lifted to get excess water off or it pools

- is the door narrower than the coop tray? I have a go and want to be Able to take the tray out of the run. Have read that this is not possible so has to be emptied inside the run?

- is mesh small enough to keep wood chips inside the run? This is an issue as one of my hens is a really aggressive digger and kicks it all out. Having tried all methods the only way to keep it in was to cover in fine mesh....!

Many Thanks!!!

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Mesh is definitely not small enough to keep wood chip in. Mesh is even big enough to let mice and rats in. But some old wooden boarding along the underside will do the trick.

It has some rounded shape to the roof. My dad doesn’t have any issues with water collecting in the tarps.

Think the door is narrower than the drawer of a Go. But you could easily take a tub/large bucket into the run and empty the drawer in that.

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