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New hens won’t go in coop

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They are, just because it's not the newbies space. If there are no territorial problems just pick the pullets up and put them in the coop. To avoid fighting in the morning let them out before daylight, otherwise you may have problems.

What we do is move the oldies out and let the newbies take possession of the space. Then let the oldies in. They will fight and feel they have conquered the area, but will allow the newbies to stay there. Anyone who thinks keeping chickens is simple is just that; simple.

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We have just introduced our youngest ones to the Cube.

They had already gone to bed in their own house, but just before it got dark we popped them in with our lone, older hen.

We did this for a couple of nights and then took their house away so they could only go to bed in the Cube.

It has worked out fine so far.

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