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Help with bokashi bin

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I put a raw chicken breast that was going off in the bokashi bin but now every time I open the bin to put something else in, it stinks of rotten meat :vom: (the smell takes over the house!). Is this something you just have to put up with or should I not have put raw chicken in there? I now take the bin outside to put new stuff in but would be grateful to know what others do.



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Both raw and cooked meat goes into my bin. I am generous with the bran, all the food is completely covered and I squash it all down using my potato masher.


The only smell I get is a pickled/winey smell.


Is there mould growing? If it is white and fluffy that is OK. If it is green the bin is not working correctly and all the waste should be thrown into the household bin I am afraid. I sometimes get green mould forming on the bin lid which I wash off.

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