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Run size and number of hens

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Don't tell OH :shh: (I'm hoping he won't notice!) but I have today bought the wood to build a run which is 2.4m square (8 foot to those of you who still operate in "real money"!).


Just wondering if there's any kind of formula to follow when trying to work out how many hens would be happy in a particular size run? :think: I was thinking along the lines of 1m sq each, based on the eglu run. Would that be about right based on your experiences?


Thanks in advance.

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can't find anything from a quick google but ours, which I'd consider to be nicely adequate for 4 chickens is about 7 foot by 3 foot, that's just the outside larger run-paving slabs are 2 foot wide so I worked it out from that, it might be a bit bigger, actually it might be 7 foot by 4 foot ;) that's roughly 2.3 foot squared per chicken is it? Maths isn't my strong point :shock:


then they have their smaller run and coop. Ours don't free range at the moment so I wouldn't want to put them in anything smaller or have more than 4 hens. If we had the room we'd probably have something bigger but they seem happy in their home, beats a tiny cage I guess :(







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You have to log on to the forum to be allowed access to that page of info. :?


This info was posted, but I don't know how accurate it is. Sounds reasonable though.



In the house - 1.5 square feet per bird


In the yard - 8 square feet per bird


Length of perch - 6" to 10" per bird


Hens per nest box - 4 to 5

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