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First eggs but then no more!

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Squeak laid her first egg last Thursday (when we were away on holiday :? ), and then we had 2 more over the weekend but nothing since...


Is this normal? Could it be to do with the weather (quite grey and miserable brrr!)?


It's also really interesting that before we went away, she was very skittish about being handled, but since we've come back I go near her and she flattens herself to the ground! makes life much easier :)


Thanks in advance,


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We had 10 eggs over about 2 weeks from Molly but the day we went away for half term she stopped laying and hasn't started again :( .


The "flattening" thing is a good sign (sorry if you already know this but I believe this means she thinks you're a cockeral and is getting herself ready for you, if you know what I mean :oops: !) I think it should mean she'll lay again soon. Molly's stopped squatting and is much harder to catch than before so we may be in for a wait :( .

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