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When will they lay?

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Our three hybrids are 16 weeks old and we have just started mixing layers pellets and mixed grit in with their growers pellets. We are expecting them to be of laying age at 18-20 weeks, but with the days shortening, will we still get eggs from them? Do they still lay over late autumn/winter? Or do they need a certain number of daylight hours (did I read this somewhere? 🤷🏻‍♀️)?

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Hybrids can start laying as early as 21 weeks and would normally lay right through Winter in their first year. As they get older they will stop for longer, so there is no hard rule about daylight hours as the weather will play a part as well. There is a good chance you will see the first eggs mid-November, which will be small to start with and will increase in size over 3 months. You may get a few without shells, which is perfectly normal when their system starts up either now or after a layoff.

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