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I'm looking to buy the Eglu Go along with two rabbits for my two sons.  I plan to buy the rabbits from a pet shop but would like them to live outside straight away.  We would be buying the rabbits for Christmas, but I'm worried that the rabbits will not survive the cold outside.  Any tips for keeping them warm?? And will the shock of being in a pet shop to being outside cause them a problem?  Are the heat pads any good? Would it be worth investing in some?

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Maybe consider getting them from a breeder or rescue instead. They will be able to provide you with good advice and more likely have (even young) rabbits that could deal with living outside from the start.

I’m afraid a heating pad alone won’t be enough as it will take some time for the bunnies to develop a proper winter coat. 

Whatever you choose, make sure they are draft free and as dry as possible as those will cause the quickest heat loss.

Also whatever a pet shop might tell you, long haired bunnies or rex bunnies shouldn’t be kept outside ever as their coat isn’t water proof and they don’t really develop a proper winter coat.

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