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Dom T

Chickens and drafts/wind

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Morning all. Previously team Omlet Forum, have recommended that I put up some form of draft excluder/wind break for our girls. So I have put up some large plastic transparent sheeting on half of the run, is this what is needed? Or is more like camo netting/bamboo sticks, i.e not a solid draft excluder. I only ask as the girls now always seem to congregate at the other end. Maybe they can't see through it and they like looking out so that is why they have moved down that end? Any intel super welcome. 


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They might not like it rattling in the wind @Dom T? We have some black plastic sheeting, but it is reinforced and stretched very tight on a frame. The other thing we use is scaffolding debris netting in a double layer, but don't buy it from England as it starts cheap then carriage doubles it then import duty adds another 50%! You can get rigid dark green windbreak from a garden centre, which we use to protect the tomatoes; it does let some air through, which might be a good thing?

If I remember correctly the problem initially was that they stayed in the coop? If that was so, there certainly has been an improvement.

Surprised you haven't had snow, or are you too low for that yet? Will your run roof stand the weight when it does arrive?

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Hey @Beantree Snow would be welcome soon! Was catching up with a friend who saying with all this worrying over Brexit and Covid, we forgot to worry about the snow! Ah yes maybe it is the rattling! Thanks for the insight! The garden center wind break sounds like just what we need! 

Yes all the chooks are out now, which is a great thing :) Phew! 

Very good point about the weight of the snow! Will do some tests this weekend, thank so much for the thought, could have disastrous! 

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