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Chickens not going into Cube before Autodoor closes

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Hey Omlet USA peeps, I purchased the Eglu Cube with the Autodoor this past spring, and for the most part I am satisfied with the durability and ease of use thus far. I am however having issues with our 4 hens not going into the Cube in the evening. I did some reading which led me to then purchasing the Coop Light, thinking that this would solve the issue, but 3-4 weeks into having the coop light, there are still issues with one ore more hens not going into the Cube most evenings. So now I'm thinking about changing the settings on light mode in order to keep the door open a little later in the evening and to open a little earlier in the morning. I looked at your manual and the instructions show different numbers which I assume are different light meter settings, but nothing is explained as to what these numbers mean. Can you provide some explanation as to what the numbers on the light level menu represent? Also, if anybody else has/had the same issue as I did, can you offer some suggestions? We are planning on taking a vacation in the future, and the primary reason that I bought the Autodoor was so that I wouldn't need to worry about the hen's safety when we are away for a few nights.

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