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Macca 2 has arrived.

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Once again Omlet are to be congratulated on their fantastic customer service,


As you might know last Friday I called Omlet and posted a thread about one of the PP we got with the cube. We had had her a week and she was a very poorly chook indeed.


Omlet wanted an update on Monday but sadly she died overnight.


Well her replacement (Who is beautiful) is now settling in.

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Glad to hear they replaced her so quickly, hopefully that way you won't have any problems with pecking order and stuff, I've always had good service frmo Omlet although I know some others have had hiccups. Dorry to hear about your Macca though, hope Macca 2 gets on OK!


Mrs B

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She is also a very lucky chicken. I put the others out to free range while I let Macca 2 settle into the run we have. there was a little bit of arghi barghi when I put them together but not a lot.


Then I have just been out to check if she wasin the cube and to put her in (As Pacca and Macca 1 needed putting in for a few nights) But she was tucked up with Pacca and Harriet the 2 PP's in the cube

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