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My chick is dying what do I do!?

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Please help I have a silver laced wyandotte chick about 2-4 weeks old and they really aren’t looking good. She’s  constantly sleeping standing up and I haven’t seen her run around like the others. It’s the smallest of the now 4 (two of the other small ones died this morning)

I’m only 14 with the help of my mum and we don’t know what to do. After what happened this morning I’ve been carrying her around in a blanket in my arms all day as she gets bullied by the others as she is so small. She was happily eating a bit of watered down crumble this morning and I helped her drink some water but I was letting her sleep on my lap on the couch but after a while I tried to see if she was too hot (she wasn’t) and she wasn’t waking up. I was shaking her and calling out her name for a solid minute until she finally opened her eyes just the slightest. I finally got her to fully wake up but she just nestled into me and fell asleep again like she was giving up and just wanted to sleep forever. It’s really not looking good but I don’t have the heart to give up on her. How do I help her or worst case scenario how do I comfort her when she dies?

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Sorry to hear you are struggling! Young chicks are very vulnerable. What are you feeding them on? Is it medicated crumb?

Is your chick still pooping normally? Best to keep her under your electric hen, as she is still very young and won’t be able to keep up her temperature constantly.

When in doubt, contact a vet.

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