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Some advice please

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We got our Eglu Go Up last spring & installed 3 hens who were quite happy & regular layers but unfortunately lost one of the birds to a fox on Christmas Day!  This was not from the Eglu I must add but the supplementary run we had.  We want to add 2 more birds (to have a spare!), should I add the two new ones at the same time or individually a month or so apart?  The one we lost was the passive one letting the 2 others take charge.  Any advice gratefully received, thank you

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As catails said you have to add at least 2 at a time I lost my hen to the fox a week before Xmas. I wanted more hybrids but they were not available until February so I had to get 2 purebreeds instead. So get two at the same time ( I would recommend hybrids) 


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