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autumn leaves

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Good evening folks!, just spent a most enjoyable day with the girls, and the bunch that we are looking after at the pub, and had to say what a laugh its been :D as we were wondering what to do with the yearly drop of tons of beech leaves :roll: that pile up outside our garage door at this time of year. Well, the girls got them to scratch about in, in the run, i have had a real giggle :D:D , to see all these leaves being scratched about from one side to the other, at one stage Pugsley and Mortisha were tail to tail, scratching piles of leaves over each other :roll: by the time they bothered to lift their heads they both were buried!!!!It was then time for them to be "airplanes"and rush about with thir wings open :lol::lol::lol: . what a way to spend a saterday!!!!

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