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The Bantam of the Opera

Gladiator showdown!

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My stupid buffs and ducks keep attacking eachother, it started off with meaningless and wussy threats but this morning i caught both the buffs pecking one of the ducks on the head and then the duck leapt at one of the buffs and caught hold of her chest and pulled a feather out.


i dont know if theyre going to do any real damage to eachother, most of the time theyr fine with eachother aswell.




anyone got some adivice on what i should do. i dont want to keep either of them penned off.

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If male....they could be bothering the girls in an amorous sort of way and the girls won't like it.




Who could blame them :shock: - imagine the babies .... chucklings? dickens?



did anyone see the hibernating bats on Autumnwatch (I think it was)? They're all hibernating nicely, then a few males warm themselves up, saunter over to the females (still hibernating) and have their wicked way, without so much as a bye your leave :shock:. The poor girls don't even know it's happened.

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