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Essex birds

How many eggs?

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Hi :D


I have 8 chickens & 3 Pekin bantams, does any body know what egg production can i expect a week during the cold months.


At the monent im lucky to get one a week :oops::oops::oops::cry: i have four birds just starting to lay.


Please advise me were im going wrong even had to put up with sunday roast with a flat yourkshire pudding :cry:


From forever hopefull buffy, snow white, oxalis,tika,brandy,sherry,pavlova,lilly,marnite,olive last Mrs brooks who only knows how to lay soft eggs for the last3 months :?

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I have put this as a new topic for you,so more people will see it :P


What breeds are your big hens - are they pure breeds or hybrids?

The bants will be pure breed,so won't lay over the winter months, but if your big girls are hybrids they should continue for you.


How old are they too?

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