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Hi fellow Omlet-ers! 🙂

First time posting here - I live in the U.S. and purchased my Eglu Cube recently (bought new from Omlet).  Overall the Cube + run has been great, especially for a beginner, but I have some concerns about security that, try as I might, I can’t seem to find any answers.  

My primary concerns are the handles on the rear side of the coop and the egg port, as well as the slide-out droppings tray.  There are raccoons in my area, and I know how intelligent and persistent these critters can be - it doesn’t seem too far-fetched for a raccoon to figure out the handles on the doors, or to figure out the latch on the bottom of the droppings tray.  I should note that my version of the Cube does not have the ventilation holes on the eggport door, as I’ve seen in previous posts here.  The additional security brackets that Omlet offers also do not fit on the Cube. 😕 I contacted Omlet Customer Service and unfortunately they didn’t have any advice for me.

Those of you that have lived in areas with raccoons, how has the Cube held up?  Have you made any adjustments to the rear & eggport doors to make them more difficult to open, or secured the droppings tray?  If so, would you mind sharing your set-up and/or any tips?

I should also add that I’ve reinforced the run and predator apron/skirt with 1/4-1/2” hardware cloth and added extra locking carabiners to the run door, so I think we’re all set there!

Thank you in advance!



A new & worried chicken mom 😂🐔

Pictured: my 10-week old Delaware girl, Primrose! 🌹


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Hi! Sounds like you have a great setup so far!

There are a few posts on raccoons around on here, but as most of us are based in Europe, we don’t have much experience with them.

I think I remember someone using bungee cords around the back of the cube to prevent any break ins. If you hook the bungee on the top of the run near the coop, you could hook the other end on below the door on the back. Same could be done for the eggport too.

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