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Silkie with titled head

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I have a silkie chicken who has been acting very strangely for 2 days. Her head is tilted sideways and every now and then she turns it upside down and puts it on the floor. Then she sort of rolls over trying to get up. It’s as if he head is too heavy for her neck! Does anyone know what is causing it?

my vet doesn’t see chickens and the exotic pet vet near me would charge £75 just to see me. 😳

I could post a video of her doing it if necessary.

many thanks!

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Could it be wry neck, also known as stargazing? Its nothing I have personal experience of, but if it is that (more common in chicks apparently, but older birds can get it too) then a possible remedy seems to be extra vitamin B1 and vitamin E, though you'd need to double check exactly what, and I'm not clear its a real remedy, or how long term its effectiveness would be.  The quick reading I have done seems to say its uncommon; perhaps have a look around the internet yourself as a first step.

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