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Hungry Chooks

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Hello again folks


Our chooks LOVE porridge!!! Every morning I make extra for them and they wait outside the back door for it. I make it with water and DO NOT use sugar.


They will eat pretty much anything, so any left over s"Ooops, word censored!"s I put out aswell.


Am I going to get fat chooks? :cry:

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I can see from your other post that you chickens aren't eating their layers pellets.

Try making a porridge up with just layers pellets and water, not porridge oats. Mine love it!! Plus they are also getting the goodness from the pellets too!


Yeah never thought bout that, good idea! Not keen tho cos the least time i spend in the kitchen the better! :roll: At least with left over porridge its something I was making for myself anyway! :lol:


Maybe I might acquire a taste for layers pellets :shock:

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