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The Dogmother

Cheats dumplings!

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OK, I confess, I forgot to make dumplings when I made a beef and bean casserole on Sunday night, and you just can't have casserole without, so I made some this morning before I went to work (veggie suet of course) and decided to try cooking them in my microwave steamer.. they turned out looking fantastic, I haven't tried them yet, but will at lunchtime....YUM!

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Hmmm, I always just follow the recip eon the side of the veggie suet packet... it's basically suet, self raising flour, chopped herbs and enough water to make it into dough. The roll it into balls and put in the bottom of the steamer - cook until done (I think it was about 4 mins) then leave to cool.


You'd have to check the quantities on the internet or the suet packet. I usually pop them in the top of the casserole to cook. Suet makes excellent topping for a savoury pie too.

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