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No eggs for a month now

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I've got three ex-battery hens who have decided after nearly a year of steady production that enough's enough and have stopped laying for about a month now. Two of them are in the midst of a spectacular molt and of course the weather is cold and grey so hopefully that explains it? Just worried it's a sign they could be 'getting on a bit' and possibly reaching the end of their days? Otherwise they're completely healthy and full of beans.

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I've got two girls off lay at the mo, both moulting, one is 3 years old the other tow and we are nearly at the shortest day. All these thigns really add up to put them off lay. Our third girl is also 3 and has also moulted but has kept on laying right through, 4 or 5 eggs a week, which is impressive at her age. Hopefully things will pick up soon but your girls may just have laid all they have to lay, so long as they seem healthy I doubt there's much to worry about

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