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Guinea Pig advice !

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Hi, we have just got three baby girl Guinea Pigs. We have the eglo go with a 2 meter run. They seem to be very happy in it but there are a few things I’m unsure of. At the moment we are shutting them inside at night ( not easy to get them to go in) is this the right thing to do or do we leave them with access to the run all night?

Is the there anyway to get them to poo in one area? I feel like I’m going to be constantly cleaning them out as they are just going everywhere and especially in the tunnels which I’m finding hard to clean! 
Very new to all this so any advice would be great so I know if I’m doing the right thing! Thank you 

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Depends on how baby they still are I guess. There is no real harm in shutting them in over night, but if you feel they are secure in their run, and the weather is good right now, you can leave the door open.

I think it is possible to litter train guinea pigs, but I believe it’s more tricky than training rabbits.
As with any rodent, they can create quite a mess and might take some time in a good cleaning regime.

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