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The Great Escape...not again!

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In the first run the girls had a bush and you could be sure to see gloria leading an escape. We soon put a stop to that and moved the area to a better 'fool-proof' run. This morning guess who I saw in the yard...Gloria. After putting her back in I went and hid behind the garage wall. She must think I'm stupid or something as she went straight to a hole in the fence.


That's the end of the Great Escape once and for all...(I hope :()

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Nope they will consistently leave the same way. Katy has been semi-broody and acting wierd and will escape to sit in or under the hedge and cluck, or just wander round. For the past few months she didn't feel the need which is strange.

It's amazing what they can push through to get out, they look so plump! You presume because it is so fast that they are flying until they get less careful and actually observe them.

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