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what exactly do you mean when you say a chook has started crouching when they are preparing to lay?


Do you mean they are going and sitting on the nest, or they way they crouch with their wings up slightly when you go to stroke them like they are waiting for you to mount them :oops: (Missy did this for me yesterday) Or do you just mena they are sitting down in their run? Cause most of my girls have a lie down at various points of the day, how do you tell this is differnt from crouching in preperation of lay?

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Sounds like Missy is getting ready to lay :lol:


I would hope so, her comb and wattle bits are a lot bigger and redder, but her eye erea isnt very full or red looking yet. I stil think the Orpinton might surprise me first, she is all red in all the right places most of the time, eats like a horse and always squats for me, but I think she might be in a bit of a light moult, as their are quite a lot of her feathers about.

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