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Tina C

'Cockadoo' - he has to go!

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Some of you may remember that Bronze and I rehomed a few bantams in October.


I said at the time that I thought we had pulled out a little boy. OH refused to take him back straightaway, until we knew for sure.


Well we do now. He found his voice at the weekend and is now merrily practising with intermittent 'Cock a dooooo' noises.


At present he is no louder than the big girls when they are shouting for their afternoon treats but no doubt the volume will go up soon, when he learns that he also has to say 'doodle doo'. :D


We did actually know weeks ago that he was a boy but I think OH has his head in the sand. No-one wants him to go now - he is so beautiful with his glossy feathers. :cry:


Anyway, he is going back to his brothers and sisters. Although its only a matter of time before they all go to the farmer down the road, OH's boss has said all the banties can stay for a while as he wants to make sure the property, which will soon be empty, looks 'lived in'. The staff who work at the adjacent site will feed them and shut them in the barn overnight in the meantime.


Must take photos before he goes.


Bron - how are your girls doing? Are any of them laying? We are not expecting eggs till spring - none are very 'red faced' yet.

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