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Help with photos

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I have set up an account with photobucket and I have uploaded some photos from my computer.


How do I now go about tranfering these photos to the Omlet website?


Please help as I have spent today making sleighs and plastic chickens and chicken sized santa hats to decorate the cube with for the Christmas comps.

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on your photobucket account, there is some links under the pictures (in album view) copy the one that says "direct link" next to it. Then on the omlet website paste the link, highlight it, then press the "Img" button this will put tags around it, when thats done, post in the normal way

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instead of using the Direct link - click on the IMG code link beneath ur photo - and paste that into your omlet post - it adds the IMG tags for you 8)



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Copy the img code provided with each picture and paste it here.


You may want to resize the picture first ...ijt ust makes it quicker to upload here. Not complicated.


Click edit.


Click resize.


Click the Website option...it will resize.


Copy the new img code.


Paste it here.


Seems complicated but you soon get the hang of it.

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