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when will we get eggs?

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their combs and wattles have definatly got bigger but i havent seen any signs of squatting yet :cry: I dont mind if they dont lay until the spring at all, but id just like to have a rough idea about when its going to happen :D



The rough timescale is that you'll get some cute chickens....they'll eat you out of house and home... ruin your garden .... poop on the kitchen floor... amuse you with their antics... and if you're very lucky, they might deign to lay you some eggs :lol::lol:


Sorry, had to laugh. I can see that you can't wait, but at this time of year, it's impossible to tell when they will lay - the shorter daylight hours and cold affect some chooks more than others. My friend, Fiona bought 4 chooks, a while ago - some of them are the same age as my newer ones (and fromt he same breeders) but one of hers is laying; none of my newbies has started yet. If you've got pure breeds like I have, then it'll be a while before you see any eggs - the hate the cold and dark.

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