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Chick sexing

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I’m guessing I have three boys here but wanted others opinion.

the yellow is a buff orp

the grey is a Black copper marans

the black is an Easter egger with cream legbar in there but not sure what else

the buff Orpington feathered out much quicker than the other two but all have red combs and wattles but wanted to know what you thought.

4 weeks old

photos 1-3 Easter egger (black)

photos 4-5 buff orp

remaining photos grey marans

thanks x









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Yes he and the yellow one also come and grab food from my hand pecking very hard. The Easter egger also comes out with the yellow one and grabs food off my massive hens.

they all chest bump though it is usually the Easter egger starting it.

the grey one is very gentle and gets a bit bullied by the other two.

and they all have massive legs.

i am forever hopeful though.

i have s lady with a lovely set of smallholdings who will take them all but I’d love one chick out the batch!

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First one is deffo a boy, and I think the others are as well.  I cannot believe how big that BO is for 4 weeks and how much tail development there is!  Which might indicate a cross as normally they are quite slow growing.  However, he does look pretty orp like, except is that a bit of black speckling on the tail feathers - I can't quite see, if so, then he isn't 100% pure as we suspected.  I have to say he is bringing back memories of a feisty buff cockeral I had!  I will keep my fingers crossed for you, as you say it would be lovely to be able to keep one at least.

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Our first batch of chickens years ago were all roosters - devastating to our girls who had spent so much time with them.

We replaced those and, once again, all roosters.

We replaced them yet again, and half were roosters so we simply eliminated the two roosters and stuck with only two at that time.

To my frustration we then heard yet another "cockadoodle do" from the yard.  I let rip with an almighty "FFS", to which my wife and I heard giggling in the backyard.  We stuck our heads out and there were our two daughters tricking us with their iPad 🤣😂

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