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Bantams and grass

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We have three bantams who are living happily in an Eglu. We've moved them continually around the garden so that they have plenty of grass, but alas no grass remains on our once well-tended lawn. We thought we would move them to a permanent position on one of the borders and put bark chip down and let them out to free range on what's left of the grass when we are at home at the weekends.


Is this oky for the girls?


Thank you for your help. :D

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Gosh that is a surprise, My bantams have not wrecked any of my garden or my lawn - and I have a lot of bantams - the hybrids however dug big holes and did you a lot of damage - but they were so friendly - so it was worth it.

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Do you have bark chip inside the Eglu run? Our girls will not be able to free range Monday-Thursday as we are at work all day, so I want to make sure it is okay for them to be on there.


To be honest, the girls are not destructive, it's only because we've moved them about the garden and with it being winter 'an all, the grass isn't growing back!



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Oh yes - ditto definitely - its simply the best! I use it in their main pen which is approx 12ft x 22ft and although it gets soaking as it is at the moment and with torrential rains overnight and all day - it is 'spongy' underfoot rather than 'claggy' or muddy.


I have used wood bark, shredded wood (when I had trees cut down) but by far the best it the Aubiouse or Hemcore.


Their feet stay clean too - so the Eglu and Cubes stay cleaner.


Mine free range most days but in weather like this they are in their pen.


Bales have recently gone up to £7.25 but if you have an Eglu and run it will last you all winter at least!


You will never buy anything else after trying it! I first found out about when I got horse manure for up my allotment from my friends - they use it in their stables. And having seen how well it works in there - I was 'sold' on it.


And the other benefit is that it is great to compost - breaks down really quickly and because it is absorbent, it makes a great mulch for over the winter on your flower beds and veggie beds.

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